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J. CRAIG MANN, ARCHITECT in association with James Moffett of BECK MOFFETT ASSOCIATES for several years has completed many SELF STORAGE PROJECTS throughout the western United States. Projects range in size up to 204,000 square feet and include both retrofits of existing buildings and new facilities. MIXED USE PROJECTS which include self storage facilities have incorporated the retail, office and industrial uses where the nature of the site or the demands of the local governmental agencies have required as a part of the entitlement conditions.

EXPERIENCE in doing various building types over 25 plus years business brings to our client the ability to cope with almost any problem presented by a specific site or the special requirements of a particular municipality.

SITE ENTITLEMENTS is generally the first step in the development process. Our team of experienced professional are able to provide the services required to move through this phase as efficiently as possible. As with other phases of the development of a project, landscape architects and planning consultants may be brought into the team to meet the demands of the municipality. Subsequent phases of the project will most likely require the addition of other consultants to the team. Our experience over the years has allowed us to select other appropriate engineers and consultants as required for the specific project.

Through the CONSTRUCTION PHASE of the project our team of professionals will be involved as required to resolve problems and assist the client and the contractor. It is our desire to see a project through completion and determined to be successful by all involved.

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